Quality policy

MAG Commerce company its policy of quality experiences as a basic mode of action and a source for continuous improvement in the company . The high level of system management is the foundation of quality work and continuous improvement . Much attention is paid to customer satisfaction , our partners and employees , as well as in building the company’s image . Company MAG Commerce consistently comply with the laws , regulations and standards in every aspect of operations .

MAG Commerce determined for process management system according to the quality standard ISO 9001:2008. Our business success proven that only this kind of thing can make progress , and more importantly build a working environment in which all receive.

The company backed its operating activities using the ISO 9001:2008 system , and towards the distribution of powers and responsibilities of the organization to take the degree of control , degree of supervision . Management took part in all processes and gives full support to the development of the system .

Introducing the importance and respect of ISO 9001:2008 standard – the system of quality management is present in each of our employees , because the system is built on quality work and responsibility of each individual. The employee continued improvement of his job is the duty and responsibility , because this is the only way we can improve the quality of our work.

Download – Certificate Management system as per EN ISO 9001:2008